How to Get Rid of Internet Addiction? (Step by Step)

The Internet has become a necessity for our daily lives. This invisible net is making our countless daily tasks easier. While the availability and availability of modern generation smartphones have made it easier for us to access internet services, despite so many positive aspects, there are many negative effects due to internet addiction and excessive use of smartphones. The result is losing mental health.

The level of Internet addiction has increased so much that it is now a disease for specialists in psychologists. Over the past few decades, there has been evidence that a large proportion of suicidal people suffering from depression have become addicted to mobile phones and social media.

how to stop internet addiction

Technology reliance is so dangerous today that, it is difficult for ordinary people to think. Because we have no idea how it will hurt. But we can control our daily use of technology if we want to and reduce this addiction. Today’s discussion is about some of the scientific ways to reduce Internet addiction, which are mentioned in the form of some points.


1. Test Your Addiction Level &…

If you want to cure any addiction, at first you should see, what does addiction mean?

Many people have this misconception, they think that those people use smartphone or internet a lot of time are addicted. But it is wrong.

Just think, a person who works on Facebook or Google, whose job is to stay on this site all day and to update and update various databases, has to stay on Facebook or Google for at least 8 hours, then is that gentleman addicted to Facebook / Google or the Internet?

What Is An Internet Addiction?

“Knowing that you will not get any positive outcome, where you are constantly spending time and energy is the addiction.”

This means that the time you spend checking updates of your university class on Facebook is a positive use of the internet. And the time you waste is the actual bad habit or addiction.

How to Get Rid of Internet Addiction

The most effective way you can defend this addiction is to keep notes on paper just how long you “work” on the Internet or social media and how long you “waste time”. If at the end of the day you see that the scale of your “waste (useless) time” is heavy, then it is very possible that you are addicted.

By the way, if you have no interest in calculating on paper, then here is a simple trick to measure your addiction.

  • Just simply go to the settings of your Mobile.settings icon 2021 - Brain Dean
  • Then Go To Data Usage

data usage 2021 - Brain Dean

  • Then Select WiFi Data usage if you use WiFi Network (if using Mobile Data, then you can choose “Cellular Data” On the same page.)

wifi usage 2021 - Brain Dean

  • After Clicking on “Wifi Usage” this Comes up.

total data usage wifi 2021 - Brain Dean

Now you can say, what I do most of the time with my Phone. If you see there Facebook, Messenger, or other social media apps, then chances are you need to reduce usage tome to that.

2. Find the Solution in “Minds Google”

After reviewing the first point, you may have realized that you are addicted, now let’s find a way to get rid of it. You can delete all social media applications and other time-consuming software from mobile, but research has shown that it is not very effective. You can’t remove addiction in one night.

Once a philosopher said, “Who says cigarettes can’t be given up? I quit that 158 times!”

Similarly, if you want to get rid of addiction effectively, you need to set aside time to use the Internet. Suppose, you used to be on Facebook for 3 hours daily, now you have decided not to stay for more than 2 hours in any way.

And, after doing this continuously for a week without any issue, then try to stay 1.5 hours each day (maximum).

And after a couple of weeks, you will see you have only 1 hour or 30 minutes to use that particular social site, then your mind will persuade you to use this time efficiently.

In this way, it will come under full control one day.


3. Fate will open in the schedule

To-Do List – If you’ve ever read about personal development, chances are you probably heard of to-do lists at some point. This is your daily work schedule planner. The to-do list app is an application that creates a list of exactly what you will do at any particular time on the day.

If you specify all the working hours of the day in this list and clear that task from the task at the end of the task, you will know which tasks you have not done and which tasks you have to be done. If you try a little more, you will understand which work you have missed for your addiction. These applications will even give you reminders for any important work.

Here is a free app that I use – TickTick: To-Do List Planner, Reminder & Calendar

TickTick UI
TickTick UI Preview, Image: Google Play Store

4. Go Offline

One of the incredible ways to get rid of technology addiction is to give time to your own world. The most effective means is the family. Every year on “Mother” or “Father” Day we see our friends expressing the virtual expression of love through various emotional statuses with pictures of their parents. Sadly, most of them do not help their parents in real life. They post those pictures for some likes & comments (also for following trends).

But if you want, you can spend some good time with your mother by helping in the kitchen today to prevent addiction. At night you can sit together with your father and watch television. Both of you will have a great time.

how can someone get rid of internet addiction

You can meet an old friend from your school, somewhere. or leave the phone home and go for a walk outside at that time.


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