How to Get Rid of Toilet Bubbles When Shower Runs? (3 Magical Ways)

Why I Am Seeing Toilet Bubbles When Shower Runs?

When your plumbing system works well, it’s easy to forget about it. When a crisis arises, though, the plumbing becomes all that you can think of before the problem is resolved.

Perhaps your toilet is bubbling as your shower drains. Learn more about what could be causing this issue and how to resolve it.

What Causes Toilet Bubbles in Septic When Shower is Running?

To avoid pressure accumulation and to vent sewer gases outside, plumbing codes mandate that all drains be vented separately. When many fixtures in the bathroom are close together, a single vent pipe can facilitate multiple drains, including the shower, sink, and toilet.

When there is a blockage in this form of configuration, air can enter and exit through one fixture while using another. When the bathtub drains, this is what causes the toilet to bubble. When a blockage occurs in a wet vented device, you will also find that all bathroom fixtures drain slowly and the toilet flushes slowly.

Toilet Bubbles When Shower Runs

How to Fix Air Bubbles in Latrine?

The clog that is causing the air bubbles in the toilet may be minor or serious. Follow these troubleshooting tips to help you assess the severity of the problem.

Clear the Shower Drain

Remove the strainer and rid it of any hair or soap scum. Place a plumbing snake into the drain after that. This eliminates impediments a foot or two away.

Fill the tub with a few inches of water and plug it in. Release the plug and keep an eye on the toilet while the water drains. If the bubbling continues, you know the blockage is deeper.

toilet water bubbles when shower runs

Clean Further Down the Drain

Pouring drain cleaning chemicals down the shower drain is one alternative, but we don’t recommend it because chemical cleaners will deteriorate your plumbing over time. Furthermore, do you really want to put all of those toxins into the drinking water supply?

Safe enzyme-based cleaners, baking soda, peroxide, or salt are preferable. A longer plumbing auger can also be used to reach deeper into the plumbing system.

Of course, if the toilet is bubbling, it is also affected, so plunging the toilet can be beneficial in removing the blockage.

why is my toilet bubbling septic

Clear the Vent

If your efforts to clear the pipes fail, the blockage may be in the vent. The main vent stack should emerge from the roof. If you go there, you may find leaves or other debris blocking the vent.

Remove any surface debris and spray water down the vent to help remove any more obstructions. If the vent overflows, use a plumbing auger to clear any clogs. If the area has been cleared, consider adding a protective screen over the plumbing vent to avoid a recurrence.

Why Call a Professional to Fix the Situation?

If these help desk support suggestions seem overwhelming, or if you try them and they don’t work, contact Mr. Rooter® Plumbing for assistance. Our professional plumbers have the necessary equipment and skills to resolve the issue without causing more harm. We can also identify underlying plumbing issues, such as an uphill septic tank, that may be the primary cause of air bubbles in the toilet bowl.

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