Why is My Toilet Water Yellow? 3 Simple Tips to Kick Yellow Water

Nowadays a lot of people are facing an issue about their toilet, each one of them is looking for the answer to “why is my toilet water yellow?“. But, it is also true that Everyone expects a clean and comfortable bathroom to use.

There is no distinction between a public toilet and your home’s toilet if it is not clean enough. Unfortunately, even though you want to keep it clean, you can run into problems with the toilet. One of these problems is yellow water in the toilet.

If the toilet water is yellow, it seems that someone did not flush it after using it at first glance. That may be the case, but there’s a good chance there are other problems in the toilet triggering the yellow water. The aim of this article is to explain why toilet water turns yellow and how to get rid of it.

So, in this article, we will find out the reasons for your question “Why is My Toilet Water Yellow?

why is toilet water yellow


Surprisingly, people often inquire as to why is my toilet water yellow! If you find that the toilet water has turned yellow, there may be many explanations for this.

It varies depending on the user and the toilet environment. Whatever the cause, seeing water that looks like urine in the toilet is revolting. The following are some of the reasons why you might notice yellow water in your toilet –

Mineral in Water –

Minerals in the water supply are the most common cause of yellow toilet water. If you use water from a good pump, there’s a good chance the water contains a lot of minerals. After a long period of use, the mineral begins to form on the toilet’s sidewalls. Also, flushing does not remove the minerals, and the water stays yellow.

Iron in the Water –  

The toilet water can appear reddish-yellow in some cases. It usually occurs when the water contains iron. Iron in the water can be caused by two different things. The first is iron in the bath, and the second is rusted pipe fittings.

The first, however, is the more popular choice. After a certain amount of time, an old pipe fitting will begin to rust. When water is dispensed from this side, iron is dissolved in it. When someone flushes the toilet now, the iron is being mixed with fresh water.

Rusted Bolts in Tanks –

The toilet’s flush tank is often the source of yellow water. The toilet tank has a number of bolts. When they rust, the iron reacts with the water. As a result, when the user flushes, the toilet water turns yellow. In certain cases, however, this is not the case.


Do you want to get rid of your toilet’s yellow water? Then you must take the requisite actions. Depending on the case, you can do a variety of things. The solution will be different for each form of problem. When the toilet tank is full of yellow water, there are a few things you can do:


If the mineral has formed on the sidewalls of the toilet bowl or the tank, you must clean it to restore the water’s natural color. Open the lid to extract minerals from the tank. Examine the field where minerals are mined. You can now clean it away with a normal scrubber or with a brush.

toilet water is yellow

Pour some water and look for the watercolor after it’s been removed. You’ll need to use a toilet brush to remove minerals from the toilet’s sidewalls in order to prevent yellow water. To extract minerals from the sidewalls, you can use toilet cleaner spray. After it’s been washed, give it a couple of flushes and check the watercolor. It can no longer be yellow in hue.


If there is rust inside the toilet’s water tank, the water can turn yellow. Rust mostly forms on the tank’s bolts. To stop yellow water, you must clean the bolts. Open the tank’s lid and begin removing rust from the bolts.

Use a rough brush that can quickly remove rust to remove rust. Apply gentle pressure to the brush to remove rust from bolts. Removing rust from bolts, on the other hand, can be difficult. In that scenario, we recommend that the tank’s bolts be replaced.


The rust on the bolts in the tank is easy to remove, but the rust on the pipe inside is impossible to remove. Pipe fittings that have been in use for a long time are prone to rust and must be replaced. Iron quickly dissolves in water and turns it yellow. You should look at the pipe fitting and see where the rust is coming from.

However, there’s no guarantee that you’ll find the exact spot. It is often preferable to repair the fittings. However, you will not be able to replace the whole fitting by yourself. Contact a plumber who is experienced in dealing with such situations.


When you don’t do something about the yellow water in the toilet, it can lead to stains. Just flushing the toilet will not clear the yellow water stains. Using borax powder and vinegar to clear a rough yellow stain from the toilet. Start with the powdered borax. Swish at least a quarter cup of borax powder around the toilet bowl.

Allow a few minutes to pass. 1 cup of vinegar can now be poured into the toilet bowl. Allow at least 30 minutes for the vinegar to begin to function. Scrub the side walls gently with a toilet brush now. It’ll get rid of the yellow stain. When you flush the toilet, you’ll notice that there are no yellow stains in the bowl. Repeat the steps for very stubborn stains.

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Final Words

Yellow water in toilets isn’t a cause for concern if you understand why it’s there. When anyone sees yellow water that looks like poo, though, it makes no sense. As a result, cleaning and removing the yellow water from the toilet is needed. If you follow the measures outlined in this post, you will undoubtedly be pleased. You will never need to call a plumber for solving Yellow water in your toilet.

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